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Bring fresh ideas


Prototype a new product concept


Gain technical experience

New Techs 2020.

Join our 7-week innovation academy. You’ll learn all about the product lifecycle and create a prototype solution for the modern customer. What’s the product life cycle? What’s prototyping? Don’t worry…we’ll teach you!

You’ll get real world experience in app development and gain hands-on training from senior staff at Microsoft. New Techs are provided with hardware/software and will receive a $8,000 stipend for their work.

How to Apply: 

  • The TNT 2020 Application will be open from Jan. 27 – Feb. 21, 2020​
  • Complete our online application form and submit your resume


"I gained insight into the structure of a big tech company; with an experience I could never learn from class. The inspiration was so impactful that I decided to switch my undergrad major from Biomedical Engineering to Computer Engineering."


Boston University, Microsoft SWE Intern ‘20

"Words can’t describe how blessed I am to have been part of New Technologists this summer… I have grown so much and have increased my passion for tech. I am excited to see more students go through the same life changing experience."


Pacific Lutheran University, Microsoft SWE ‘20

"Words can not truly express the level of gratefulness and respect I have developed for the NT program, Cyborg Mobile, and Microsoft. I was lucky enough to work alongside and learn from an amazing team of people, advisors and coaches. "


Fairleigh Dickinson University, Microsoft PM Intern ‘20

"New Techs has given me experience into the workplace that I would not have gotten anywhere else. Not only has NT made me realize that this is the right career path for me, but it motivated me to work harder and be more confident in myself."


Washington University in St. Louis, Microsoft SWE ‘20

"New Techs changed the way I view life. I have a whole new outlook on the tech industry. I have a different perspective on what I need to do when it comes to my career choices in the future. And this is all thanks to New Techs."


Green River College, M365 Core Spartan ‘20

"NT gave me that stepping stone I desperately needed to launch my career. It was my first hands on experience in industry, and I am thankful everyday for the opportunity. I can't wait to see what new heights my career takes!"


Fairleigh Dickinson University, Microsoft SWE Intern ‘20

"New Techs helped me find my own passion for technology. After the internship I was surprised at how much I was enjoying programming. I don't think I would enjoy doing this so much if it weren't for New Techs."


Lake Washington Institute of Technology

"Before New Techs there was no one career path I was interested in. I had in the past dabbled in Computer Science but was talked out of doing it. It wasn't until NTs that I was reminded of my love and excitement for Computer Science/SWE."


Seattle University, Microsoft Explorer Intern ‘20
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Who You Are.

  • Natural Leader​
  • Fast Learner​
  • Creative Problem Solver ​
  • Uncommonly Curious​
  • Passionate about Tech, Driven and Resilient​

​If any of this sounds like you, join our team this summer!

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Criteria To Apply.

All candidates who meet the criteria below may apply:

  • Must be a current college freshman (class of 2023) or sophomore (class of 2022)
  • Completed college level Intro to Computer Science (or equivalent) by start of program​
  • Completed college level Pre-Calculus (or equivalent) by start of program​
  • Available to work in Redmond, WA for the entire program; June 22 – August 7, 2020​
  • Must obtain authorization to work in the U.S. and a social security number by the time of hire
  • Must be at least 18 years old by June 2020

2020 application window closed.

We especially encourage applications from individuals currently underrepresented in engineering (women, Native-Americans, African-Americans, Latinx and Pacific Islanders) and non-traditional candidates (2-year college students, non-computer science majors, etc.).

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m an international student and/or not a U.S. citizen, can I still participate in this program? 

  • Yes, but you must have authorization to work in the U.S. and a social security number. All selected participants will be required to pass a background check. 

Will I get paid for participating in New Techs? 

  • Yes, you will receive a $8,000 stipend (minus taxes).  

Is housing included? 

  • No, each participant is responsible for their own housing during the program. Prior participants have found temporary housing through  Airbnb  and  Craigslist.  We can connect you with local colleges for dorm/apartment options. 

When does the program start and end? 

  • The summer program will start June 22nd and will end on August 7th.

What are the working hours? 

  • This may vary week to week but anticipate being in the office by 9am and leaving between 5-6pm each day. 

What benefits do participants receive? 

  • Participants receive a free ORCA pass (access to public transportation), all the necessary equipment, training, free drinks and more. 

Who is Cyborg Mobile? 

  • Cyborg Mobile is a technology and management consultancy that partners with Microsoft to provide talent sourcing, software development training, career coaching and professional development throughout the program. To learn more about the company go to:

Have more questions? 

  • Reach out to us via  email