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What is TNT?

The New Technologists™ (TNT) is an award-winning 7-week innovation academy in partnership with Microsoft for college freshmen and sophomores interested in pursuing a career in tech. The program inspires ideation and introduces various tools/programming languages, provides hands-on training and real-world experience with senior engineers, and teaches the skills necessary to navigate the professional world.

We're creating a different type of technology company. Our mission is to cultivate the future leaders of tech by making it possible for people everywhere to work in big tech anywhere.

Why Join TNT

More than just an internship


Product Lifecycle

Learn all about the product lifecycle and create a prototype solution for the modern customer. What's the product life cycle? What's prototyping? Don't worry…we'll teach you!


Web Development

Get real world experience in web development and gain hands-on training from senior staff at Microsoft. New Techs are provided with hardware/software for the duration of the program.


Life Experience

Develop life skills — communication, teamwork, growth mindset — and expose yourself to a vast network of tech professionals. Participants gain life long friendships all while getting paid. New Techs will receive a $8,000 USD stipend for their work.